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By Fiona Service 01 Jan, 2018
Don't worry there is nothing scary about Dark Social - it's not going to hurt your business, but you must be aware of it.

Dark Social is the shares, comments, links, discussions that you don't see.  And is a nightmare for a Social Media Manager to report on.

For example, say you see a great Facebook post, but you don't think all your Facebook friends would like to see it - so you share a copy of the page via your What's app, Facebook messenger, text or email to the friends who will like it.

This means that the owner of the Facebook post, never knows that you have seen or liked or shared their page - they don't feel the love.

How does this affect the small business owner?  Well it is important to be aware the your social media maybe being shared without your knowledge, which is a good thing except you can't track it.  So keep posting and keep your presence updated - more people may be seeing it than you think.

And most importantly make sure your posts are worth sharing - work with the Dark Social.  Make people want to copy your page and share it on.

Another thing to really think about is that the younger generation are more likely to be using Social Media privately - e.g. What's app, Snap Chat etc.  They will be connecting directly to their friends and not trawling Facebook and Twitter.  So it might be worth asking your customers to join you on a business What's app or Snap Chat and getting into a habit of talking to people directly.  This is a tricky thing to do - it mustn't be a heavy sell and pushy or they will switch off, but you could maybe contact them to say that you have a sale on their favourite product or you have new stock in that may interest them etc.

So in essence, don't be scared of Dark Social, but do start thinking about your content and maybe developing new strategies.  Good Luck.
By Fiona Service 26 Jan, 2017
Being a small business doesn't excuse you from not having a simple website and a proper email address - hotmail doesn't count.

It is a cheap and simple process.

You need to buy a domain of your company name.

There are sites that offer domain, free 2/3 page website and email services.  They are cheap and easy to do.

Time to look professional.  Time to have all the information needed for your clients online.  Then use social media to drive people to your website and to email you.

By Fiona Service 26 Jan, 2017
The way forward in social media is video.

64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future and by 2017 74% of all internet traffic will be video.

YouTube has 18 million people in the UK watching online video every day, 22 hours are watched per viewer per
month.  Each month, 80% of 18-49 year olds watch YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google.

Can this information be ignored.  Can you put your company on YouTube?
By Fiona Service 26 Jan, 2017
Is your business photo worthy?  You may be surprised what you can take a picture of - if it's done nicely and has the right tags - then it's worthy of Pinterest and Instagram

Social Media thrives on photos and it is worth putting some time into getting your business photo worthy.

Pinterest has 10 million monthly active users in UK.  A Pin has a half life of 3.5 months, which is 1680 times longer than Facebook post.  Although at the moment 85% of Pinterest accounts belong to women, men are also beginning to discover the delights.  70% of users act on the content they find - they use it for education, inspiration and 80% of users do their shopping on Pinterest.  Big interests are DIY, recipes, home decor, holidays and weddings.

Instagram  has 14 million monthly active users in UK, with a slightly younger age group than Pinterest, and the split between men and women is about 50:50.  Instagram is used for the same interests as Pinterest - DIY, home decor etc.
Users on Instagram are dedicated and are 58 times more likely to interact with a brand’s post than on Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.  The beauty with Instagram is that you can be slightly more creative with your photos.

Both of theses sites can drive traffic to your website and both of these sites are great at interacting with your clients and attracting new ones.  So get the camera out and start taking photos.
By Fiona Service 26 Jan, 2017
LinkedIn is the Facebook for grownups. 

It is a social networking site designed for the business community.  It is a tool to establish professional networks.

There are 20 million UK users , which is over half of the working population.  There are 2 new members joining every second.

To present yourself and your business as a serious professional concern, you and your staff need to be on LinkedIn.  You also need to create a company page.  It's also important to create a united front, with similar imaging and content.

This is not a place to be friends with your granny, but it's a place to link up with the people that can help you with your business.

It is also not a place to post what you are having for dinner, but it is a great way to learn about what's happening in your business world and also to join in the conversations and add to the information.

LinkedIn is serious, but it's great for your reputation and your company brand.

By Fiona Service 26 Jan, 2017
Twitter is busy, very busy and can be a bit overwhelming to the new user, especially if you are just trying to get your business noticed.

There are 15 million active UK users and 71% of active users are on it several times a day.  40% of people use it to keep up to date with breaking news and 20% to keep in touch with brands.

Twitter is essential for any business.

But it's not just about posting something every now and again.  It's about interacting with the right influential people.  Re-tweeting the right posts. Using the right hashtags, and engaging your clients and suppliers.

There are tools/apps that can help you wade through the 303 million daily tweets, or you can just be on it all day, making sure you don't miss anything.

As a social marketing tool Twitter is currently losing some of it's edge, but it is still essential for any business - even if it's just to drive people to your other social media sites.
By Fiona Service 26 Jan, 2017
Facebook is not only for keeping up to date with your friends and family.

There are 35 million UK users, across all ages, both men and woman.  Active users spend an average of 20 mins browsing every day.

You can only set up a Facebook business page through a personal account.  This is a bonus though for small local businesses.  If you can get all your local friends to like and interact with your Facebook business page, their local friends will notice it too and you can spread your brand through your local community.

It's really easy to set up and Facebook has great reporting details.  You can actually see how many people are looking at your page and looking at your posts.  Which makes it easier to see just what works and what doesn't.

People are now using Facebook to search for local businesses and also to see what people are saying about these businesses.

You might think that Facebook is not the place for your professional life - but trust us it is. get the followers you need, this is the one social media platform that you really need to spend a bit of money on.  And when I say a bit of money, it can be £20 at a time, so very little and the most effective way to use Facebook.
By Fiona Service 26 Jan, 2017
A Google Business page and a Google Plus brand account is essential.  Having these set up properly for your business helps with the rating of your website.  If you are not set up properly on Google, then when someone does a search for your business, you will not be very high up in the search, if at all.

Setting everything up can be a bit tricky - it' s not the most user friendly process.  We have come across quite a few problems with our clients.

One had an old account and this stopped their new account being published and verified.  Trying to find the right person to contact was difficult and then as the old email address was obsolete, we had to wait awhile till we could delete the old account and verify the new one.  Once we got through to the right person at Google, they were very helpful - but it took awhile to find the right person.

With another client we had to prove via video footage that their home address was also their business address.  Google had blocked the account, because they have strict protocols and they didn't feel that it was right to have clients visiting a home address.  This process took a long time and lots of sitting on the phone.  But we did it and it's sorted.

Google Plus as a social media site is not that great.  If you can find a community that is interested in what your business offers then that is a plus.

Google has said the it has 2.5 billion registered accounts, but reports are saying that 90% of these are not used.  Although if you are a company that is targeting emerging markets, then Google is the way to go as it is most popular with "new to technology" users.

So our conclusion:

Google Business Page and Google Plus 
  • are a must to help drive traffic to your other social media sites and website.
  • are not great for getting new business or engaging in your current clients.
  • can be tricky to set up.
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