JIB Glass Services


JIB Glass Services

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JIB Glass Services are a curtain wall fixing company - which is a company that fits very large sheets of glass or metal sheeting to the exterior of buildings.  These guys are busy!  They are well respected in their industry, but wanted a better and bigger digital version of themselves. 

The Challenge

JIB Glass Services wanted to set up all of their social media platforms - Webpage, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn x 2, LinkedIn Company Profile.  But they had no time, no knowledge and very little patience. They wanted to cement their business firmly in the Curtain Walling industry and felt that correct profiles would be the best way to achieve this.

What We Did

We started from the very beginning with these guys - we got their CV's for their LinkedIn profiles, we constantly reminded them to take photos of their work and we listened to their stories.  Gradually we were able to create a simple landing webpage and then elaborated on their Facebook and Twitter Pages.  Finally we got them on LinkedIn and started connecting them to their clients and suppliers.
What We Achieved

JIB Glass Services are happy with what we have achieved for them and how little they had to do to achieve it.  They feel they have a more professional profile and have been able to contact their clients and suppliers easily.  They are getting better at sending photos and details of what they have been up to - but are happy to take our reminder phone calls and texts.
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